The Hotel


The hotel is founded in 1995 by engineer Roberto Reyes Fuentes and his family, he has since been undergoing many changes, always in order to provide excellent service to its customers. In those 90 years with the change of a new democracy to the war and a pressing need to meet the needs of customers looking for a hotel service restaurant. the decision to restore and start the project almost from scratch is taken. With many limitations that number the main ones:

Without support from the national government, local to promote the municipality. Lack of human resources in the same specialty services. With little financial availability. Limitations basic services: black water, telephones, potable water, health center. With a clear vision that was the project he has developed medium and long term. What were the major strengths and opportunities have ?:

A spectacular view and beauty of the landscape, something semi virgin natural. With some basic infrastructure: pool, destroyed plant. If it can be repaired. With clear idea of marketing that has to be developed in this was the name Suyapa Beach. The name was the most shocking thing we have and we must put much emphasis on when choosing a project to develop a product. What about 17 km from the second city with a great tourist potential (Cathedral, Volcanoes, culture, etc.) No city has so so close and so beautiful. Our cuisine specializing in natural fresh seafood.

It begins to run the project and with the help of a very active, original sincere friend with tourism studies in Mexico expressed that in speaking of tourism in the 70-80 years was considered out of place. I recognize Lic. Mario Alvarez Romero as a key player in developing this project.